Saturday, August 15, 2009


Blue has done something my Sustainable Business Practices teacher at UCSD would appreciate. She recently gave a lecture about zero waste, emphasizing that businesses should be concerned with their products' end of life (do they end up in a landfill, for example). The goal is for business to be like nature and aim for their products to be reused in some capacity after being no longer needed or useable for their original purpose. Hence, no waste. Nature does that. A plant grows a fruit or vegetable, an animal eats it, it sustains the animal and the animal, in turn, does the plant a favor by, err, sowing its seeds in ready-made fertilizer.

We have an example in our own backyard. When picking up some of Blue's ready-made fertilizer the other day, I saw a plant that looked a lot like a tomato plant. I thought, "that can't be." I hadn't planted tomatoes over in this shady part of the yard. They never would have grown here. But I left the apparent weed alone. A few days later, I was back at the same job and noticed several more plants like the first one. Upon close inspection, they proved to be, indeed, tomato plants. Whole clusters of them in a few areas. Upon closer inspection, their ready-made fertilizer was apparent.

So now, thanks to Blue, and his ingestion of a (purloined, no doubt) tomato, and sowing of said tomato's seeds in our yard, we will soon have a crop of completely organic, locally grown and 100 percent sustainable:


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